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Whom to Contact with Personal Finance Management Problems

Effective personal finance management is in no small part made possible by having a clear and solid understanding of whom to contact with any major problem or concern. Let’s face it; no matter how hard you try to always have all your personal finance management ducks in a row, unforeseen obstacles and issues are a real and ever-present possibility. But with the financial services industry being such a multifaceted one, it can be somewhat tough knowing which official institution; governmental department or regulatory body to turn to for help. We’ve therefore compiled the following list of whom to contact should you find yourself with a personal finance management dilemma or complaint against a particular service or product provider.
  • Ombudsman* for Banking Services
  • Sharecall* Helpline: 0860-800-900
  • Phone: 011-712-1800
  • info@obssa.co.za
  • www.obssa.co.za
  • Post: PO Box 1603, Houghton, 2041
The Ombudsman for Banking Services resolves any disputes that a consumer would have with his or her banking service provider.
  • National Consumer Commission (NCC)
  • Phone: 012-940-4500
  • complaints@thencc.org.za
  • www.nccsa.org.za
  • Post: Berkley Office Park, Bauhinia Street, Highveld Techno Park, Centurion, 0157
The NCC is responsible for enforcing the Consumer Protection Act.    You can therefore contact the NCC whenever you have a complaint about your rights as a consumer being violated.
  • The Credit Ombudsman
  • Call Centre: 0861-662-837
  • Phone: 011-781-6431
  • ombud@creditombud.org.za
  • www.creditombud.org.za
  • Post: Post Suite 123, Private Bag X10015, Randburg, 2125
The Credit Ombudsman handles complaints from both individual consumers and businesses that have been negatively affected by information held at the credit bureaus.    The Credit Ombudsman also deals with consumers’ disputes with credit providers, debt counsellors and payment distribution agencies.
Debt Counselling
  • The National Credit Regulator (NCR)
  • Sharecall Helpline: 0860-627-627
  • Phone: 011-544-2600
  • info@ncr.org.za or complaints@ncr.org.za
  • www.ncr.org.za
  • Post: PO Box 209, Halfway House, 1685
The NCR regulates the South African credit industry and can handle disputes that aren’t resolved by the Credit Ombudsman.
  • Fiduciary Institute of South Africa (Fisa)
  • Phone: 082-449-2569
  • secretariat@fidsa.org.za
  • www.fidsa.org.za
  • Post: PO Box 27076, Benrose, 2011
Fisa is a self-regulating organisation that handles fiduciary matters.    *See FYI below for further details
  • The Financial Services Board (FSB)
  • Call Centre: 0800-110-443
  • Phone: 012-428-8000
  • info@fsb.co.za
  • www.fsb.co.za
  • Post: PO Box 35655, Menlo Park, 0102
The FSB regulates the financial services industry in South Africa.
Long-Term Insurance
  • The Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance
  • Sharecall Helpline: 0860-103-236
  • Phone: 021-657-5000
  • info@ombud.co.za
  • www.ombud.co.za
  • Post: Private Bag X45, Claremont, 7735
The Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance deals with disputes between long-term insurance policyholders and their insurance providers.
Short-Term Insurance
  • The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance
  • Sharecall Helpline: 0860-726-890
  • Phone: 011-726-8900
  • info@osti.co.za
  • www.osti.co.za
  • Post: PO Box 32334, Braamfontein, 2017
The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance handles complaints (and works to resolve them) between short-term insurance policyholders and their insurance providers.
Medical Schemes
  • The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS)
  • Sharecall Helpline: 0861-123-267
  • Phone: 012-431-0500
  • complaints@medicalschemes.com
  • www.medicalschemes.com
  • Post: Private Bag X34, Hatfield, 0028
The CMS is a regulatory body that supervises medical schemes that investigates and attempts to resolve consumers’ complaints with their medical schemes.
  • Pension Funds Adjudicator (OPFA)
  • Phone: 087-942-2700
  • enquiries-jhb@pfa.org.za
  • www.pfa.org.za
  • Post: PO Box 651826, Benmore, 2010
The OPFA handles complaints with the pension fund industry and aims to protect the interests of pension fund members.
Credit Bureau
  • XDS Phone: 011-645-9100 dispute@xds.co.za www.online.xds.co.za/xds/index.htm Post: PO Box 30987, Braamfontein, 2017
  • TransUnion Phone: 0861-482-482 webadmin@transunion.co.za www.mytransunion.co.za Post: PO Box 4522, Johannesburg, 2000
  • Experian Phone: 0861-105-665 www.experian.co.za
What is a credit bureau anyway?  
  *FYI: Ombudsman: An ombudsman is a government-appointed official who hears, handles, investigates and attempts to resolve consumers’ complaints with various official and/or government department, body, etc. Fiduciary: A fiduciary is a person or an entity to which property and/or funds are entrusted for the benefit of another party. Fiduciaries are generally involved in financial matters such as wills, trusts and estate planning. Sharecall: Sharecall is a type of call tariff imposed by Telkom. It essentially means that when you call a sharecall number you will pay your local exchange rates only, regardless of where the destination of your call is.

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