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Essential Med Medical Insurance: What It Is and How It Works

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In this article we will be looking at an overview of the product offering from Essential Med. Who and what is Essential Med? Essential Med is an affordable medical insurance product giving access to quality medical cover and healthcare services. PLEASE NOTE:  Essential Med is NOT a medical aid and must not be misunderstood as being one. We need to at least understand a few differences between medical aids and medical insurance: 
Medical Aid Medical Insurance
Rate of Cover Pays an undetermined amount in accordance with accounts received from doctor, hospital etc. Pays a set rate per day that you are in hospital (stated benefit)
Annual or Benefit Limits As per policy rules – hospital cover usually unlimited Rand amount as set by the policy per day or per event
Benefits paid to The money is paid to the service provider The money is paid to the policy holder directly
Legal Governance Governed by Council For Medical Schemes and The Medical Schemes Act Governed by Long Term or Short Term Insurance Act
  Please note that a Medical Insurance Policy MAY NEVER assume the role of a medical scheme and may not pay a service provider directly. Why Essential Med?  If you cannot afford MEDICAL AID, then Essential Med might be an option for you in order to provide for some form of medical and healthcare cover. A standard hospital plan within the medical scheme environment will cost you just under R1 000 per month. If however, you really cannot afford this, but can afford R400 per month, then you might want to look at what Essential Med has to offer. So what does Essential Med offer?  Essential Med provides day-to-day benefits for pre-paid preventative healthcare services and hospital costs are covered by a stated benefit hospital cover. With affordable low-cost hospital insurance rates starting as low as R313 per month, you are sure to find a policy option that suits you and your family’s needs and pocket. Essential Med's Hospital Cover includes: 
  • The hospital plan pays for illness hospitalisation up to R4,500 per day
  • Dreaded disease hospitalisation cover of up to R9 000 per day in a lump sum
  • Maternity hospitalisation cover
  • Accident hospitalisation cover from R75 000 up to R400 000 per incident depending on the policy option
  • Emergency and casualty visits
  • Permanent disability benefit of up to R250 000 is payable
  • Death benefits
  • HIV / Aids benefits
  Unique Features Minimise the impact of everyday challenges, be they health, home, legal, auto, travel or funeral related. The Essence Lifestyle and Wellness Programme is a wellness and rewards programme that offers a host of benefits including, telephonic medical and healthcare advice, emergency road and household assist, legal advice, competitions and discounts with selected partners. If you have any questions about Essential Med’s insurance plans and policies you can
  • Visit their website (http://www.essentialmed.co.za)
  • Give them a call on 0860 900 900
  • SMS MED to 44911 and they will call you

Apply for Essential Med now!
PLEASE NOTE: You should NEVER replace your medical aid options for an insurance plan option purely for the reason that it's “cheaper” and you can save money. Insurance CANNOT offer the same comprehensive benefits that you get under your medical aid.  For any medical aid queries, please feel free email Nelda directly or tel. 021 975 8324.

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